Quinoa field trip


La Favo granola is made with Belgian quinoa, which often surprises people. The exotic plant has only gained interest in Europe over the past few years, and up until recently it was only possible to grow and harvest ‘the rice of the Incas’ in South America. Quinoa is often labeled as a superfood, and rightly so: the seeds are higher in protein than grain and contain all the essential amino acids that humans need.

So it’s good for your health… and now also for your ecological footprint! As of 2015, quinoa has been growing on Belgian fields. One of these Belgian quinoa farmers is François, who started producing quinoa in 2017. François's field looks very lush and wild, which is completely normal: he’s an organic farmer and never uses pesticides, so the weeds grow abundantly. A blessing for the biodiversity in his field.

The quinoa plant is sown in April can be harvested twice a year. The first harvest, in the midst of summer, is François's favorite: when it’s possible to dry the quinoa in the sun for 3 to 4 days, just like the Incas used to. “It is important to spread the quinoa stack evenly, so that the seeds don’t get too hot. Only then will they get their wonderful and unique nutty taste. If the quinoa heats up too much, the seeds become bitter,” says François. Good to know: Belgian quinoa is already less bitter than the South American version because they’re not covered with saponin, a bitter layer around the grain.

The best part of this story? We use François’ Belgian quinoa in your favourite La Favo granola. This way, we keep the food chain as short as possible. Yummy ánd sustainable granola, that’s how we like it!